White Cube Installation

// Duodezimalsystem

Duodezimalsystem is an artist duo that combines the realm of human and digital in its work. The decimal system with its origins in the human anatomy meets the binary computing algorithms. From this union a special kind of art emerges. Using analog and digital facsimile techniques Duodezimalsystem expresses the inner workings of all that surrounds us.

The Duo’s way of working is quite similar to that of a brainstorming. Each day, new ideas get developed and directly visualized through video. Here, different techniques – such as animation, film and the use of found footage – are being applied, with the results directly getting published on Vimeo, Twitter and Facebook. During two months, over 50 videos have been done this way and were exposed parallel to the documenta 2012 in Kassel, viewable at an interactive ‘White Cube’.