Please read this carefully

// Fritz Laszlo Weber

Please read this carefully“ is visualizing the mass of contracts, terms, conditions and further commitments we are agreeing to in an unconscious way, when we hit the well known ‚Accept‘ button during the installation process of our common software.

These special contracts are so called ‚EULA‘s (end-user license agree- ments). Highly controversial liabilities based on a „take it or leave it“ mentality. In most cases the user has to agree to those EULAs after purchasing the software.

Thereby the licensor creates an unequal situation not only by forcing the user to accept those contracts in order to use the software but also flooding him with an amount of juristic phrases that is not understandable anymore.

Photos: Rosa Maria Rühling

10 End-User Licence Agreements

  • Adobe Acrobat, 413 cm
  • Adobe Flash Player, 278 cm
  • Adobe Photoshop, 464 cm
  • Adobe Creative Suite, 455 cm
  • Apple iOS, 550 cm
  • Appple iTUNES, 246 cm
  • Mac OSX, 304 cm
  • Microsoft Windows XP, 166 cm
  • Skype, 595 cm
  • Google Chrome, 382 cm