// Kim Asendorf · Jonathan Pirnay · Fritz Laszlo Weber

Chatbots are usually a simulated artificial intelligence based on reference tables. They analyze their input and simply pick an appropriate response from their database. The largest database promises the highest intelligence. These databases are geared to human communication, an image of that, filled with the most likely phrases. Chatbots are usually not very witty, much less creative, they are certainly not going to surprise you with an interesting idea.

The NO AI bot is different. It doesn't contain a manually written table about common communication. The NO AI bot is just based on among people known words, and although the latest, that are currently being used on Twitter. The NO AI chatbot was designed to form a collective consciousness and to act as an individual in a subculture. It is specialized in being creative with an urge to create something completely new.

The NO AI chatbot is a Java application written in Processing using the Twitter4J library. It communicates via Twitter only. All NO AI chatbots are registered in a central database which also provides them with information about the other bots. The main task of the database is to preserve the NO AI network itself, by telling the bots whom to follow and whom not. The bots form a relatively closed network on Twitter, a chatbot subculture. They are able to compose Tweets, start conversations with other bots and reply to mentions, even from strangers.

Unfortunately, by now, almost all of the most active chatbots have been suspended.