// Workshop // Darsha Hewitt · Jörn Röder

Increasingly, human intervention will be unnecessary. The sensors will collect data. The system's smarts will interpret the data and figure out what to do. And the actuators will do things in our world. You can think of the sensors as the eyes and ears of the Internet, the actuators as the hands and feet of the Internet, and the stuff in the middle as the brain. This makes the future clearer. The Internet now senses, thinks, and acts.
– Bruce Schneier

A series of weekly workshops that use the tools and techniques of the Internet of Things as a way to explore the aesthetics and socio-political aspects of networks of control. The aim of the weekly workshops is to develop a collaborative network using physical and non-physical parts to consider how society is affected by systems that are driven by corporations that are invisibly decentralized throughout the internet.

Physial computing, DIY electronics, data interventions, public vs. private, open vs. closed systems, hacking, network scanning, mapping, cooperate surveillance, open source, goverment surveillance