Identity in Human Networked IO

// Workshop // Michi Zeltner

Verschlüsselung, Anonymität, Identität, Community, Pseudonyme

Day 1: CryptoParty

CryptoParties are decentralized global events that are organised to answer questions and instruct people on technology & privacy.

Although any number of topics might be covered from e-mail, text message encryption, full disk encryption and anonymous web browsing, the focus of this party will be the technical infrastructure that deals with tracking of individuals and connecting their data trails. After having a rough understanding, we'll look at what technology can help us circumvent this.

  • Bring your laptops! We'll be installing free software (in the open source sense).
  • Bring questions! Anything related to computer security will be attempted to be answered here.

Day 2: Limited conclusions about the role of identity in networked human IO

Taking on what we've learned from day 1, we'll be talking about the role of identity on the Internet and how it has changed over the course of the last two decades. The primary goal is for participants to have a better understanding of what being anonymous entails in a contemporary setting, in which disclosure of identity is often seen as a requirement for participation, and failure to comply supposedly implies suspicious behaviour.

What are reasons to be anonymous or pseudonymous, why is it of value, how come we have shunned the practice in recent years, and what are strategies for individuals to reverse this trend for one's own purposes?

Aims for participants

  • Understanding different scopes/kinds of anonymity, what they mean in which context, both in terms of history and social circle, eventually helping frame the value society currently gives to identity (in relation to information and discourse)
  • Learn about a general set of thought and action patterns available to use the gained understanding, enabling anonymous+pseudonymous participation in online discourse
  • Have a mental frame for long-term effects of maintaining anonymous identities, both in terms of psychological as well as personal circumstance effects

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