Heimspiel Series 2

// Exhibition // Didem Sandikci · Zhifeng Zhang · Nicole Brauer · Stefan Endres · Jonas Leichsenring

Heimspiel. Bi-weekly public solo exhibitions at New Media Kassel.

Every second week a student of New Media exhibits works in our 15 sqm dedicated gallery space. The 'Home Game' series helps the students to test run ideas and to gain experience in planning and setting up works. In a public critique process the class and visitors then discuss the show.

1/6 Dear Space

Didem Sandikci // 19.04.17

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2/6 Quell

Zhifeng Zhang // 02.05.2017

3/6 Sending all love from my closed source paradise

Nicole Brauer // 15.05.2017

4/6 stefanendres.com/dev/superfamerelaxation

Stefan Endres // 29.05.2017

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5/6 Cold but Frail

Jonas Leichsenring // 26.06.2017

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