Feelings On The Net

// Performance, Workshop // Lauren Huret

Lauren Huret is a visual artist and reseacher based in Geneva, Switzerland. Lauren explores contemporary narratives that often seem like science fiction (hard science, high frequency trading, artificial intelligence, global corporations, neuroscience marketing and so on). She mainly transmits her rants and critical phantasms about these complex domains via performance and video.


  • 15.11.16 // Workshop Day 1 //10:30-16:30
  • 16.11.16 // Workshop Day 2 //10:30-13:00
  • 15.11.16 / 18:00-20:00 / Talk / Papiercafé

The workshop will be an individual and group experiment about our feelings/attitude/behaviors/opinions/beliefs toward the internet (mostly toward social media & weak artificial intelligence). We’ll first try to analyse our emotions with different methods ; then we’ll try to produce something from these results.


If you would like to attend please send a short motivation letter (4 sentences maximum) on why you are interested - email: [kontakt@joernroeder.de](mailto:kontakt@joernroeder.de?subject=Workshop: Feelings On The Net). Hand this in before 14 November 2016. Participants must attend the full 2 day programme!

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