7000 Eichen

// Fabian Püschel

Joseph Beuys started planting 7000 trees in 1982 in the city of kassel. He founded the first ecological non-profit-company worldwide 25 years ago. The film is about to show the status of his work in 2010.

Shown at

  • Kunstsammlung NRW, 2010, Joseph Beuys Exhibition, Parallel Prozesse.
  • Lange Nacht der Museen 2010, Kassel, Show of Kunsthalle Fridericianum and Stiftung 7000 Eichen.
  • Kasseler Video and Documentary-Filmfestival 2010 at official competitive for the Golden Herkules.

Regie: Fabian Püschel
Camera: Ben Brix, David Voigt, Christoph Neugebauer, Fabian Püschel
Production: Stiftung 7000 Eichen, Museum Fridericianum, Yavant Filmproduction
Conception: Fabian Püschel & Prof. Joel Baumann
Cut: Fabian Püschel